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coeus intelligent cloud media archiving management

Manage, archive and restore media content

coeus intelligent cloud media archiving management

Secure, easy and affordable, cloud archiving service

coeus intelligent cloud media archiving management

Easy access to media content for any sized business

coeus intelligent cloud media archiving management

Fully managed digital content library

COEUS Intelligent Media Archiving

An intuitive cloud-based service for short- and long-term storage, management and protection of media content. COEUS is a managed digital content library that is device independent, future proof and secure. Enabling ease of access for uploading, viewing, repurposing and retrieval of your media content.

Key Features

  • Fast upload and download of large media files
  • Intuitive UI for easy access to stored media content
  • Advanced search capability
  • Frame accurate media browsing
  • Partial restore capabilities for media content (subject to media format)
  • Configuration options for content groups and categories
  • Prioritisation of archive and restore tasks, with intelligent content queue management
  • Integrity verification & checksums
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all archives and restores, with support for a high level of management reporting on archived content usage

Key Benefits

  • Secure storage for media content
  • Easy access to media content at any time from anywhere
  • View the content before downloading
  • Cost effective subscription price plans
  • Efficiently manage your media content

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The Titan of Intelligence / ‘kee-yos

The Greek mythological giant son of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth).

COEUS is regarded as the Titan of Intellect, representing rational intelligence and the inquisitive mind.